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Pan-Atlantic Studio provides a whole circle production services for production of feature films and tv series - from transfers and accommodation to most complicated shootings. 
We work with the finest professionals in all departments: location scouting,  permitting, casting, equipment, crew, catering, transport, art, costume, SFX, stunts, accommodation etc. We’re ready to arrange the best deals in the business, maintaining the budget for your filming project. 


Camera, light, grip: we’ve got all the right connections and partnerships with equipment and camera rentals. Your DOP will feel safely working with strong professional camera technicians and electricians and with up-to-date camera and light equipment.
Location services: We’re ready to offer a variety of filming locations in Russia (Moscow, St.Petersbourg, Siberia etc.) We deal with all kinds of permissions, regarding the location or the production demands.
Art Department: we work with the best production designers, art directors, set dressers, and prop masters – those who embody your most beautiful ideas.
Accomodation: All types of accommodations can be arranged, based on the needs and personal taste of our clients. We make sure our clients feel at home when they work with us.



We will provide you the whole circle of music services for filmmaking.


We're happy to share our experience and resources with you that allow us

- to advise and coordinate custom film scoring and recording

- to find best songs and compositions for the film' soundtrack and to organize licensing of the chosen tracks

- to create new orchestration for the existing compositions

- to develop and implement an effective soundtrack release plan

- to perform sales and royalties’ collection of any audio-visual works in the network

 We collaborate with Russian Authors’ Society, First Music Publishing studio and other leading Russian and foreign companies working in a sphere of music management and licensing.


Our music department portfolio contains more than 50 fiction films, 12 series and a dozen of A-class music events.



Pan-Atlantic Studio is an independent film company founded by Katia Filippova in 2005. The company produces feature and documentary films in collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Culture, Russian and international film funds. We are mainly focused on art-house film production, and also developing the documentary branch at the moment.


Many our films have won awards and participated in Cannes, Veniсe, Rotterdam and other important film festivals. The company works with famous directors and is looking for new names as well.


Co-production is an important activity for the company, as well as international promotion and production services in Russia. We've already worked with Czech, French, Georgian, Romanian, Estonian and German co-producers. We aim to expand our cooperation with foreign partners in production and postproduction fields and we’re open to new ideas and searching for interesting projects, new talents and contacts.