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Pavel Zuev has to start his life over from darkness after he loses his sight in an accident. The young man has to learn again how to eat, walk, wash himself, do simple housework, and even how to look out of the window without seeing anything. All connections to his previous life are broken. In this new life blind Zuev encounters an exceptional woman capable of seeing more than other people. Her name sounds symbolic - Nadezhda (translates as 'hope' into English) and she works at the local hospital. Nadezhda will help Zuev find his strength and a new sense of existing. These equally strong but otherwise different people spend together what, perhaps, will be the best days of their lives; but everything has an ending.




Directed by Alexander Kott

DOP Pyotr Dukhovskoy

Production designer  Sergey Avstrievskikh

Costumes  Alana Snetkova

Editor Vadim Crasnitsky

Producer Katia FIlippova



Aleksandr Yatsenko – Zuyev

Agrippina Steklova – Nadezhda

Dmitriy Mulyar – Nadezhda’s husband

Andrey Bilzho – Doctor

Marianna Shults – Nadezhda’s friend


Festivals and awards:

  • Wiesbaden IFF – Grand Prix

  • APSA – official selection, nominated for the best female role

  • Haifa IFF – Special Jury Prize

  • Marbella IFF – Best male role

  • Honfleur Russian Film Festival – Best script

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