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Over the past two years, the humankind has faced an absolutely new degree of loneliness and fear — the pandemic. Separation from loved ones or being, vice versa, too close to each other for a long time forced emotional burnout and brought society to a collective trauma. Its consequences we will feel for years. 

Our film "A New World" tells of 12 people and their families from different cities of the world - Moscow, Paris, St. Petersburg, New York, Kiev, Simferopol, Herat, Miami and Dublin. The heroes are learning to live in new conditions. We follow their transformation with the help of their own video diaries, recording the most intimate and important events that they have been living for the last 2 years. For all of them the pandemic turned out to be a test for strength.

Two years later, many of us think of the pandemic almost with nostalgia, but everyone, without exception, feels its terrible consequences.

What could be scarier than this? Only a war, perhaps…







Director    Denis Shabaev

Producer  Katia Filippova

Festivals and Awards:

  • "Window to Europe" Wyborg FF - official selection 

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