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Nina lives in Moscow. She’s about 40 years old. She’s attractive and prosperous woman. She’s got a husband, a son, favorite job – they call it stability. Everything starts to fall apart when Ruslan calls her – he’s the man she painfully broke up with 12 years ago. Ruslan informs Nina that he’s about to go into major heart surgery and asks her to come to Tbilisi to see him for the last. 
Tbilisi is the place where they were truly happy many years ago. The husband doesn’t mind it and lets Nina go: their relationship is of trust and confidence, and he is aware of Ruslan’ existence in Nina’s past. 
Nina can’t say “no” and goes, but she just finds herself at a kind of war. She keeps her distance as much as possible. Ruslan, on the contrary, tries to cut the distance short. He takes Nina to their common cherished sites, exploits nostalgy and their shared memories. He leisurely discusses his possible upcoming funeral and reports that he is no longer married – his wife divorced him. 
It’s a story of a price of choice, of emotional vulnerability in front of the past.  A person capable of love is defenseless against their love forever.  


Russia, Georgia




Directed by Oksana Bychkova

Script by Lyubov Mulmenko

DOP Mikhail Khursevich

Producer Katia Filippova (Pan-Atlantic Studio, Russia)

Co-producer Vladimer Katcharava (20 Steps Productions, Georgia)



Yulia Peresild - Nina

Yevgeny Tsyganov - Ruslan

Andro Chichinadze - Leri

Kirill Kyaro - Boris, Nina's husband

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