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This is the story of a prosperous family of a father, mother and their recently grown up daughter. One day, over a family dinner, they meet a man who is accidentally connected to a "skeleton" stored in their family cupboard.


This meeting dramatically changes their lives, and now the feelings of the father and mother are to be seriously tested. But no matter how hard their mutual recognition is, these events will allow them to see something very important close to them, which has remained unnoticed for a long time.




Directed by Alyona Zvantsova

Script by Alyona Zvantsova and Ganna Slutski

DOP  Yuri Lyubshin

Music  Dmitry Selipanov

Producers  Igor Tolstunov, Katia Filippova


Cast: Natalya Vdovina, Petr Kislov, Aleksandr Zhulin, Sergey Shnyrev, Anastasia Lebedeva, Vladimir Vinogradov, Olga Filippova, Victoria Savina, Yuri Kuznetsov

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