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The film "Hoffman's fairy tales" received a special prize of the TV channel Russia-1!

Yesterday the 11th film Festival of short and debut films "Koroche" ended in Kaliningrad. The film "Hoffman's fairy tales" - the full-length debut of Tina Barkalaya, created by the Pan-Atlantic Studio film company (producer Ekaterina Filippova) with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, received a special prize of the Russia-1 TV channel - the acquisition of television rights and the support of the release. Thus, the film will get on the air and reach a wide audience.

This year the festival "Koroche" for the first time launched a full-length debut film competition. The film "Hoffman's fairy tales" opened the festival and was very warmly received by the audience. The film was presented by director Tina Barkalaya, producer Ekaterina Filippova, actors – Alexey Guskov and Maxim Stoyanov, and music producer Andrey Kurchenko.

Congratulations to all the creators of the film and thank the organisers of the wonderful festival "Koroche" for the warm welcome!


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