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Kira is a 30-year-old successful architect living in the illusion of absolute choices while being obsessed with constructing the ideal Moscow. She is used to living life according to her own rules, but she has to face her fear of the future and inability to love. An unexpected tragedy will lead Kira to face her past with her family, start life from the scratch, and become a mother. 




Directed by Tamara Dondurey

Script by Anton Yarush, Tamara Dondurey

DOP Vsevolod Ledovski

Production designer Vanya Bowden

Editor Vadim Krasnitsky

Music by Anna Drubich

Producer Katia Filippova (Pan-Atlantic Studio)



Katya Ermishina – Kira

Ilya Malanin – Ivan

Ingeborga Dapkunaite – Kira’s mother

Tatyana Drubich - Pshycologist

Maxim Stoyanov - Shleymer

Marina Manych – Kira’s sister

Ivan Zlobin – Kira’s nephew

Aleksandr Alyabev - Ilya

Polina Vitorgan – Vika

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