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The mayor of a small town on the outskirts of Moscow is shot dead in his office. The killer is Dimur Kavsadze, a Georgian businessman and developer. The crime turns the life of the entire town and the region upside down. A former agent of the security forces, Alexander Danilin, is tasked with finding the killer. He is a local grey eminence who does all the dirty work. Plus, he knows the killer personally. He has the capabilities to track down Kavsadze and to cover up what really happened… The film was inspired by the true story of “Krasnogorsk shooter” Amiran Georgadze, a developer and businessman whom some called the new Robin Hood because he declared war on official lawlessness. Others said he was just a member of the system and simply got screwed over by his victims. A thrilling story about an endless cycle fueled by the power of money and human indifference.


Russia, Georgia



Written and directed by Pyotr Levchenko

DOP Evgeny Rodin

Production Designer Olga Yurasova

Costumes Alana Snetkova

Make-up Artist Daria Palamarchuk

Editors Pyotr Levchenko, Vadim Crasnitsky

Producer Katia FIlippova (Atlantic Film Company, Russia)

Co-producer Vladimer Katcharava (20 Steps Productions, Georgia)



Yuri Tsurilo – Alexander 

Mikheil Gomiashvili – Dimur 

Beka Lemonjava – Henri

Larisa Domaskina – Alexander’s wife

Dmitry Mulyar – Yura

Yuri Tuzov – Tuchkov 

Manana Kluchevskaya – Dimur’s wife

Miroslava Malyshkina-Malinovskaya – Alexander’s granddaughter

Cecilie Khukhua – Dimur’s granddaughter


Festivals and Awards:



  • KINOTAVR Open Russian FF (Russia, Sochi) – Main competition

  • Warsaw IFF (Poland) - 1-2 Films Competition


  • EAST&WEST. Classics and Avant Garde. IFF (Russia, Orenburg) – Best Film Award

  • Shukshinsky FF (Russia, Barnaul) - Main competition

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