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An elderly resident of a settlement near Moscow, local historian Petr Martynovich Reshetnikov dies a strange death. His neighbor, a retired head teacher, and now an amateur detective, Marfa Korzhikova, decides to solve the mystery of the old man's death. Anfisa's granddaughter helps her in this. The fate soon brings Anfisa together with businessman Ilya, as it turns out later - the nephew of the deceased Peter Martynovich.




Directed by Ivan Popov

Script by Sergey Zernov, Ekaterina Kostikova, Tatyana Ustinova

DOP  Vasily Sykachinsky

Producer  Katia Filippova


Cast: Lyudmila Arinina, Dmitry Orlov, Irina Pegova, Liliya Kondrova, Olga Kuzmina, Konstantin Silakov, Galina Churilina, Olga Filippova, Andrey Muravyev, Galina Anisimova


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