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The action takes place in the early 2000s in Moscow.

New realities, instant adaptation to the circumstances, enchanting careers, unexpected unknown professions... 

The main character is a plain-looking girl, Nadezhda Strakhova. She is well aware of her unattractiveness and feels awkward before the rest of the world because of it.

Surprisingly, Nadezhda is married. Her husband, Vitalik, is a provincial who married childless Nadezhda to obtain a Moscow registration and a typical "khrushchevka" apartment in the outskirts of Moscow.

Nadezhda works two jobs to support her small family: at the district library by mornings and at the theatre cloakroom by night.

One day her life changes dramatically. The owner of another coat turns out to be from the film world...and notices that Nadezhda has very beautiful hands of incredible plastics...






Written and directed by Tinatin Barkalaya

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