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The wilis are brides who died before their weddings, girls deprived of happiness. At night they rise from their graves and kill lone travelers... The wilis are characters from the ballet "Giselle", slender and cruel ghosts in wedding dresses. The wilis are female students of ballet schools: they gave up everything in the name of the dance. The movie "The Wilis" is a story about first love and about the impossibility to have it all - a ballerina must choose between a loving relationship and a successful career in ballet. Yulia, a young woman born in a small town in Siberia, will graduate soon from her ballet school. She meets Igor, a young successful designer. But their fairytale romance is cut short at the very beginning: Yulia chooses her career over Igor.




Directed by Nurbek Egen

Script by Vladimir Arkusha/Yuri Korotkov

DOP  Oleg Lukichyov

Music  Andrey Antonenko

Production/costume designer Yury Kharikov

Make-up  Olga Miroshnichenko

Sound  Andrey Popovyan

Editing  Eduard Nuritdinov

Producers  Katia Filippova, Sabina Eremeeva


Festivals and awards:

  • Festival of TV-films “Spolokhi” in Arkhangelsk (Russia) - Best actress – Elena Safonova

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