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The world premiere of the film "Nina" took place at the Shanghai International Film Festival

On June 13, as part of the main competition of the Shanghai International Film Festival, the world premiere of the film “Nina” directed by Oksana Bychkova based on the script by Lyubov Mulmenko took place.

The film was presented by the leading actress Julia Peresild and producers Ekaterina Filippova (Pan-Atlantic Studio) and Igor Mishin (MTS Media). The film was warmly received by the Chinese audience.

On the same day, a press conference was held with Chinese and Russian media. The greatest interest was aroused by the history of the creation of the film, acting and motivations of the characters. The conversation was also about space, as a metaphor for femininity in connection with the upcoming release of the blockbuster “The Challenge” directed by Klim Shipenko in China.

After the screening and communication with the audience, a reception was held on the occasion of the world premiere of the film "Nina" and the upcoming release of the Chinese space blockbuster "Challenge", which was attended by the filmmakers, participants and organizers of the festival, representatives of the Chinese cultural elite, distributors and other foreign guests.


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