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NINA (aka Jonjoli) has won the ZOOM Medienfabrik Award at EWIP in Cologne

Good news from Cologne (Germany), where we managed to physically reach(!) and where we won the international pitching within European Work in Progress with the film directed by Oksana Bychkova "NINA" (aka "Jonjoli"), a co-production with the KION platform.

"The director has shown incredibly vivid and compelling footage that intriguingly opens the door for the viewer into a world of complex relationships between the film's main characters, embodied so powerfully and accurately by the cast that one remains barely able to restrain curiosity and a desire to see more."

The performance of the artists was awarded a separate mention and made a great impression on the jury and the professional audience, who were shown a 13-minute segment of the upcoming film.

As a prize, we received a contract for PR support and festival promotion from Germany's oldest PR agency ZOOM MEDIENFABRIK, which has a network of offices in major German cities. Their film portfolio includes more than a hundred films produced in Germany, USA and other countries, as well as PR support for major film festivals.


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